V870 VHS Degausser

V870 VHS Degausser

VS Security Systems

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Modell 870

The V870 provides a comparatively light weight and a compact extinguisher that was developed to meet the demanding standards of professional users of 4mm, 8mm and VHS tapesThe data and broadcast industry will especially be delighted by the "deep erasureand high throughput of this professional machine that has many features that do not have the expensive extinguishers

The high throughput of the media to be erased is achieved by a conveyor belt that transports sec at a speed of 25.4 cm /, the cartridge via dual cancel coilsthereby a clean and effective cancellation achieved. Both the design of the V870 as well as from the higher quality and efficiency can only benefit except users in the broadcast industry, including users of the duplication, production, vocal and instrumental sound detection.

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