CD / DVD Packaging machines

CD / DVD / Blu-ray packaging machines & cellophane wrappers

Packaging machines for CDs and DVDs are very convenient. ADR AG CD, DVD and Blu-Ray packaging machines give your CDs and DVDs as well as Blu-rays a professional appearance.

CD / DVD & Blu-Ray Cellophaneers save you not only work but above all a lot of time that you can use elsewhere. We are your online shop for folding machines, cellophane wrappers and cellophane wrappers for slimcases, Jewelcases, Blu-Ray Cases and DVD & Blu-ray Boxes.

In general, a distinction is made between manual and automatic packaging machines for welding in slim cases, jewel cases, Blu-Ray Cases, DVD boxes etc.

It makes no difference whether you want to pack small or large quantities. With the cellophane wrappers from ADR AG, all your CDs, DVDs and Blu-rays always look professionally packed and they are! So you have more success!