Metallic Foil Labels

Metallic foil labels for a stylish award

There are many labels on the market. By far the largest number of labels is made from paper. There is a real peculiarity with the metal foil labels offered here. The Metallic Foil variant is simply pre-stamped on a roll. Here, the sizes of the labels are selectable. The metal foil labels are processed by special printers which then apply the desired prints on the foil.

Particularly suitable are the Metallic Foil variants for seals and stickers on goods and presentation folders. Here these printed matters are used with style. The particular advantage of these metal foil labels is the impermeability to water. On the one hand, they can therefore be printed with water-resistant paint and, on the other hand, the metal foil labels are effectively effective on damp surfaces. They just keep bombproof here.

Metallic Foil labels are available in three colors. Probably the most chosen variant is transparent. Here, of course, their print results are displayed on the metal foil labels. Here, every color can be reproduced very well. Also transparent inclusions are possible. So the template can be pasted on a colored background. This then shines through and saves corresponding printing and color costs for the labels.

Alternatively, metal foil labels are available in silver and gold. Both colors are also very suitable as a base. At the same time, these metallic foil labels are significantly improved and further developed by the color scheme. All types of metal foil labels can be produced in stock or just in time. The Metallic Foil is durable and almost indestructible. The remains can be disposed of through the collection of recyclables. Order your desired label color right away and start producing for your needs for these really beautiful labels in different colors soon.