USB Drive Printers / UV Printers

Print Custom Logos Onto USB Drives

With ADR-AG's wide range of USB drive & UV printers you're able to professionally customize any USB drives, Flash Cards or promo gifts such as pens, golfballs etc using the latest UV LED printing tech. Even for relatively small prices you get exceptionally high printing productivity and quality with low preparation time, making even low volume runs or single prints economically feasible since no mesh needs to be created as with traditional screen printing.

Create your own promotional giveaway items using UV Printers

Available in different sizes from small format A4 flatbeds to larger A2 formats, you can print highly durable high-res images on almost any imaginable material. This coupled with the UV Printers' user-friendly interface and compact design allows for huge profit potential even in the smaller spaces. 

Premium Quality USB / UV Print

ADR AG's industrial-quality series of Multiprinters effectively compete with traditional screen printing due to their equal quality with lower start up cost. Long lasting, high quality direct printing on a wide range of substrates and surfaces such as for example USB Sticks, plastic parts, cell phone covers, glas, metal, aluminum and many many more. Different inks accomodate different materials. Be sure to ask our experienced support team for advice on the best solution for your printing needs.

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