SD Duplicators

Duplicate SD cards? No problem with us

The ADR SD-Producer series can duplicate up to 95 SD cards simultaneously. All you need is a Master SD card and the corresponding number of empty sticks. Load the duplication system with the cards and start copying. Everything else is done by the SD producer. We build SD duplicators with up to 95 destination ports. If you need an even larger SD duplication system, contact us and we will provide you with individual solutions for your needs.

Convince yourself of our SD duplication system

SD cards are very popular storage media for cameras, mobile phones or tablets. The advantage of SD cards, besides their size, is above all the standardized form. The SD duplication systems from Advanced Digital Research are used by many industrial companies and have been further developed on customer request.
In addition to the traditional SD duplication system in tower design, we offer the NG and NG LOG Series with additional features.

All ADR SD duplication systems in the Tower, NG and NG LOG series are Combo SD models. This means that these systems have a separate slot for SD cards and microSD cards.
So if you're producing for microSD cards, you do not need adapters. To exclude the error source adapter, all our SD duplication systems have the so-called combo slots.