CD / DVD Printer

CD / DVD printer from the European leader

We have a large selection of excellent printers for CDs and DVDs. In addition to our own developments in cooperation with HP, we also offer various printing systems from other well-known manufacturers.

Choose your CD / DVD printer depending on throughput and desired quality

Which CD / DVD printer you choose depends entirely on the field of application.
If it is only a matter of marking the data carrier, a monochrome thermal printer is certainly sufficient. For advertising effective marketing CDs or sound carriers, a full-color printer with InkJet or ThermoRetransfer printing is certainly recommended.

If you, as a service provider or printer, would like to print a large amount of digitally cost-effective and fast printing, a combination of industrial inkjet printer and UV roller coater is the answer. Here, regular inkjet media can be subsequently sealed with a UV coating device.

We offer you excellent CD, DVD and Blu-Ray presses from ADR, Teac, Primera Microboards, Epson and Rimage.