Pigment and dye label printer

The difference between dye and pigment ink

In principle there are two kinds of ink for inkjet printers. Dye and pigment based inks.

It is very important that you use the ink that your manufacture specify.

Pigment ink cannot dissolve in liquid. That grants you a higher color intensity. Pigment ink is more durable than dye ink and it has a higher UV-resistance, water resistance. So it´s more suitable with industrial applications.  

Dye base ink is a good solution if you mainly print graphics and photos. The ink has a great color rendering wich is generate by the smooth dispersal dye molecule.

The advantage of dye and pigment based ink as an overview



+ suitable solution for graphics and photos
+ deep color resolution
+ great and professional print images
+ ink is more durable if the printer stands a longer time



+ durable
+ water-resistant
+ uv-resistant
+ abrasion-resistant
+ sharp print image