HDD / SSD Duplicators

Quick and Easy Hard Disk & Solid State Drive Duplication

Fast and reliable plug & play duplication of your SATA, mSATA, SAS or IDE HDDs and SSDs, ranging from portable 1 to 1 duplicators all the way up to 25 target highspeed multiformat copystations. In addition to our standalone HDD duplicators we also offer PC-connected versions with extensive process monitoring and log reporting functions. Regardless of how many copies you wish to perform simultaneously, our state-of-the-art controllers ensure that the copyspeed remains at the same high level of up to 300MB/s or 18GB/min (only bottlenecked by the source and target drives being used). Our hard drive duplicators are also equipped with delete functions to meet different data sanitization standards and assure that your valuable data can't be recovered by any third parties.