DVD Boxes

DVD Boxes

Are you looking for DVD cases? We are your partner for DVD packaging!
Here you will find DVD cases and DVD metal boxes. The ideal DVD packaging! In our DVD boxes, we have created space for over six DVDs. So that the booklet is not lost, we have installed an extra booklet holder.

You have a valuable DVD?

We understand that you want to keep them safe. Here we have designed the ideal solution for you.
DVD metal boxes! These DVD packages are absolutely unbreakable. We pay attention to the highest quality of our DVD cases. The DVD metal boxes are very light despite the material. Of course we also have a booklet holder installed here. The DVD Metal Boxes are ideal for all the DVDs you care about!

Do you have DVDs without a suitable case...

But you still want to keep your DVDs safe? Then you are exactly right with us. We have boxes of high quality for you. If you are too tired of the traditional black Amaray - DVD cases, then of course we have other colors in stock for you.
For example, you can put a DVD for children in a bright yellow cover. For the romantic films could fit a red box. Or rather blue? Of course we also have transparent DVD packaging in our assortment!

It's up to you whether you choose a DVD metal box or conventional DVD packaging.
But one thing is certain: our DVD cases have a high quality.
The DVD metal boxes are absolutely unbreakable and the DVD packaging is durable and feels like the originals of DVD packaging.