eMMC duplicators

Duplicate your eMMC with an eMMC copier from ADR

The eMMC copier from ADR was specially developed for eMMC data media. There is a basic model and additional sockets according to the eMMC standard to be used. The eMMC copier works completely standalone and therefore no PC is needed. The eMMC copier is compatible with all current eMMC standards.
The eMMC copier has the LOG Report function and the system can be easily updated via an SD card port.


Practical eMMC copier with quick sockets

The eMMC Quick Sockets can be easily changed as needed. If a quick socket is defective or another socket standard is required, it can be replaced. Many eMMC formats are supported. Regardless of how many eMMCs are to be duplicated, the eMMC Duplicator has a transfer speed of up to 3GB per minute.