MPO storage media

Whether vinyl or Blu-ray blanks MPO quality for your CD / DVD blanks
We have set ourselves the task of capturing your present for your future. For this you need the optimal storage media. We will take you by the hand if you are looking for the right CD / DVD blanks to make your shots exactly the way you want them.

MPO - CD / DVD blanks

Ask us, so that we can supply you with exactly the right CD / DVD blanks. Printable by thermal transfer. The huge selection of CD / DVD blanks for the right printer. So you can print the blanks using ThermoRe Transfer, Lightscribe or Inkjet. Choose between Verbatim, RITEK, Sony, our house brand, Taiyo Yuden and MPO.
Trust our storage media and order our CD / DVD discs for your data.

Magic word vinyl - storage media of the good old days

Long on everyone's lips and every year five million vinyl records are proof of the uninterrupted popularity of these storage media. Vinyl records are again and still more popular with lovers of warm tones than ever. We offer you. As a highlight your individual vinyl disc with personalized cover as a popular packaging variant for your vinyl disc 1 to 4 colors printed.

Blu-ray blanks

Home cinema to touch. This can only be experienced with the new technology using the Blu-ray discs. Choose from Blu-ray BD-R Sony 25GB in the chic "cookie box" 50 pieces, on request single Blu-ray discs BD-R Sony 25GB printable with ink or scratch-resistant thanks to Scratchguard Plus Surface, rewritable, the storage media of Verbatim BD-RE 25 GB 2x the Blu-ray blanks in the 5 "Jewel Case". We have exactly the right storage media.

Whether CD / DVD blanks, vinyl or Blu-ray discs, we are your right address and by mail and phone for you.

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