ADR PrintPro Auto CD Printer Autoloader

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ADR PrintPro CD/DVD Autoloader with 375 disc input bin (printer not included)


  • This is the ideal solution for higher printing editions of CD/DVD-R “on demand”
  • ADR PrintPro with 375 disc input bin (upgradable to 600 disc capacity)
  • Due to its patented industrial robotic grabber arm, the CD/DVD duplicator works particularly reliably

Furthermore, you can additionally change the PrintPro over to a CD/DVD Publisher of ADR series, Hurricane or Cyclone (with integrated printing and burning function).

If there is a new model of the printer available, you can additionally exchange your printer for the current model.

This way you protect your investment and remain flexible for the future.


The Auto CD Printer has to be connected to a PC in order to supply the device with printing data.

Besides CDID or CD Painter you can also process .prn data generated by a graphic software. This way you save time by not having to use Labeleditor.

Without loading and unloading the device is able to print up to 375 media.

You achieve maximum throughput with minimum effort.

Low maintenance – no attendance necessary.

The printing costs amount to 2 – 3 cent per printed CD/DVD !!!

PrintPro supports the following thermo transfer printers:

  • PowerPro II + III
  • Primera

  • PC-controlled printing robotic
  • 375 disc magazine
  • Upgradable to up to 10 writers
  • Long durability by sturdy and robust construction
  • ADR PrintPRo and Label Software included
  • Supports almost every current CD/DVD printer (Signature Drucker III, IV, Pro, Z6, Flashjet, Optiprinter, Optiprinter Pro, Excellent Pro, TEAC P55, Inscripta, Power Pro I-III)
  • Patented industry robotic of ADR
  • Magazine supports 8 cm CD/DVDS (optional)
  • Magazine supports business card formats (optional)
  • You can use every printable media from current manufacturers

The manufacturer offers you a 5-year warranty on the robotic of the CD/DVD printer!




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