ADR Bottle Applicator

ADR Bottle Applicator


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The AG1000F is a high-quality, but inexpensive, semi-automatic applicator with which labels can be attached on
many cylindrical products with diameters from 20 mm to 120 mm.

Connected to a ZX1000i series printer, it offers a perfect printing and application solution for
medium-sized breweries, wineries, butchers, cosmetics manufacturers, contract packers and others who sell products in
manufacture or distribute glasses, cans, pots and bottles.

Thanks to its innovative design, the AG1000F is probably the most versatile of its kind and also extremely

 Special optional stoppers and stopper stripes en

Adapting to a specific product is a matter of minutes, if not seconds. Special optional stoppers and stopper strips enable
quick and safe labeling of products in special shape and with the optional sensor, bottles can be labeled on both sides.

Options & accessories
Additional, fully adjustable, right-sided stopper for tall and narrow products
Product sensor for attaching secondary labels to products
Product manuals for easy insertion and removal of difficult products

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