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For bigger production of CD-R or DVD-R, we recommend our CD/DVD duplicator Cyclone with 4 CD/DVD writers. With its patented industrial robotic, the device operates particularly reliable.

Whether you use it as individual position, network- or Standalone device – duplicating has never been that easy. You dispose of a reliable CD/DVD duplicator which you can additionally convert – as required – to a complete publishing system.

Furthermore, the device is additionally developable up to 8 writers and a 600 magazine. This way you protect your investment and stay flexible in the future.


The Cyclone duplicator is very easy to operate. In the Standalone version it disposes of a LCD Display and can be controlled by only 2 buttons. The device is an absolute CD/DVD duplicator which only has to be energized. You do not require a PC for operating the system.

It ensures the highest levels of efficiency with the minimal effort.

  • Works with the award-winning software PADUS DiscJuggler (network version optional)
  • Network-compatible LAN/WLAN with unlimited number of clients and several burning stations
  • Direct digital-to-digital duplication of CD via “on-the-fly” or via hard disk
  • Able to simultaneously write several copies on every CD-R/DVD-R
  • Able to simultaneously control several CD/DVD Autoloader (Robots)
  • Expandable to up to 8 drives
  • Able to execute the following functions:
  • Copy CD-ROM to CD Image File
  • Copy CD Image to CD Image File

(supports CD Image Files that are generated with CD Premastering application)

  • Able to execute the output of - for example Easy CD™ or other ASPI based CD Premastering applications - to multiple CD-R drives
  • Batch Copy Mode
  • Customizing of CD/DVD/BDs

Low Maintenance:

  • Professional Audio Duplication
  • 4 CD/DVD– writers (CD-R 52x, DVD-R)
  • Printer optionally available
  • Verification through “low level compare” of master and CD/DVD/BD copy checks the correct duplication
  • Advanced Audio Resynchronization read mode for high reliability during duplication of Digitalaudio-CDs
  • Sector Errors will be corrected “on the fly”
  • Disposes of an intuitive and user-friendly interface – suitable for neophytes and specialists


A printer cannot be integrated to this model.  Cyclone CD/DVD duplicator can only be provided with a printer when it is equipped with up to 6 drives. Please choose a system with Tornado Series if you require a device with 6 drives and a printer.

 ADR systems are designed for 24-hours-operation. Thanks to the robust mechanics and the high-quality processing, the ADR CD duplicators are one of the most reliable industrial machines in the range of CD duplication worldwide.

ADR CD/DVD/BD duplicators can be upgraded step-by-step to ADR Tornado CD/DVD duplicator with 10 drives and 600er magazine.

Technical Details:

  • Max. compatibility for all writers
  • 10 Ultra-DMA IDE ports onboard for DVD-ROM reader, IDE hard disk and up to 5 IDE Bus DVD writers up to 16x writing speed
  • 32 MB Buffer onboard for max. security
  • The stable and robust design enables long durability
  • BIOS Upgrade comfortably available
  • 4 CD/DVD wirters (Plextor, CD-R 52x)
  • Optional USB connection available (to administrate the hard disk)
  • Internal 160 GB hard disk
  • 600 Disk magazine
  • Supports the following formats: DVD-5, DVD-Video, DVD-ROM, DVD-Audio, DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+R, DVD+RW, Dual Layer, CD-ROM mode 1,  CD-ROM mode 2, CD-ROM/XA (mode 2 form 1 & form 2), CD-DA (Audio CD), MixedMode CD, Video CD, CD-I, Karaoke CD, Photo CD  (single session & multisession), HFS, ISO 9660, CD-Bridge, CD-Extra, CD+G, ISRC, multisession, name-card CD, 21 min CD, 63 min CD,  74min CD, 80min CD, CD-R und CD-RW

Rapid Exchange Service:

ADR offers you additional service features to secure your production. With Rapid Exchange Service your system will either be reopened within 48 hours or you receive an exchange machine with similar specifications for the duration of the repair.

We offer you free phone-, E-mail-, Skype- and remote-support and we develop an analysis directly after we have received your description. Afterwards we will take all measures to secure your production.

The manufacturer ensures a 5 year warranty on the robotics of the CD/DVD duplicator!!!

Download Cyclone Datasheet PDF

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