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About the ADR EZ Wrapper 

The new ADR EZ wrapper is the solution to professionally cellophane products in small to medium quantities. The quick setup and easy operation of the system makes the application very easy. The EZ wrapper is a completely manual system and works with the right cellophane sheets. These are tailored exactly to your needs. In this way, you always get the right sheets delivered exactly for your product.
The delivery time for individual cuts is usually between 7 and 10 days. Depending on the dimensions of the product, however, we may be able to access cuts in our archive.

The application

Due to the compact design, the cellophane wrapper can be used everywhere. Only a power source is needed to operate the system. With the right sheets you can package your product and achieve a professional result. Cellophaning your product refines it and ensures that it is not removed from the cardboard.

Features of the ADR EZ Wrapper:

  • Compact mobile design
  • Large heating element for various products
  • Additional puncturing function in the heating element
  • Controller for regulating the temperature contains a display
  • Internal fan regulates the temperature in the structure
  • Protective device switches the device off automatically
  • Use of high-quality foils for optimum welding result
  • Made in Germany

The sheets
ADR AG supplies high-quality films suitable for the EZ wrapper.
The certified films from ADR ensure consistent quality and functionality with the EZ Wrapper.
It is very important that films with the wrong coating, thickness or material are not used.
Various standard formats as for media packaging are available from stock. You can get these here.
We individually produce the individual foils for your products for you.
We will gladly check the delivery time for your individual foil for you.

Various standard sheets are available:

Jewel Case
Blu-ray Box
PS3/PS4 Box
Wii/PC Game
(other formats on request)


 Operation:   Manual Cellophaning
 Formats: BCD,DVD,PS3/4,Wii,XBOX,cosmetics, perfume, confectionery and all rectangular-shaped products
 Film type:  ADR films various formats
 Design:  Metal case with internal power supply
 Power supply:   Only 220V 
 Dimensions (H/W/D):  22cm x 8cm x 16cm
 Weight:  1,5 Kg 
 Certifications:  CE, ROHS


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