ADR HD-Eraser IT Hard drive Erase System with 3 Targets

ADR HD-Eraser IT Hard drive Erase System with 3 Targets

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ADR HD-Eraser IT with 3 targets to securely erase hard drives.
Now new in Rack-Form with Log Report!
About the ADR HD-Eraser IT hard disk erasing system from ADR:
From now on you can easily and in a short time delete your SATA / IDE hard drives safely.

All IT series can be used as a deletion system or duplicator.

Due to the high data transfer rate of about 90MB per second you can copy up to 5GB in one minute.
In order to completely remove data from written hard disks, the hard disk copier has a deletion function (DoD).
Furthermore the device has different copy modes like "Only Data", "All Partition" and "Whole HD".
Bios can be updated without much time expenditure via a front USB port.
After you have inserted the master hard disk into the first slot, slide the empty hard disks into the other slots and press "Copy".
Thanks to the reliable HotSwop caddies, the disks can be changed quickly
After a very short time you can remove your duplicated hard drives.
With the ADR HD-Producer hard disk copy tower you can duplicate your hard disks quickly and economically.
For IDE hard disks the optional adapters must be purchased additionally.

 Max. capacity  3 TB
 Data transfer
 90 MB/sec
 HDD types  3,5" SATA, 2,5"SATA, SATA SSD,  IDE (mit Adapter)
 supported Formats  All formats
 Copy modes
 Quick copy
 All partitions
 Whole HDD
 Quick copy Format  FAT16/FAT32, NTFS, Linux (ext2/ext3/ ext4
 Display  2*20 Monochrome LCD Display
 LED Display  Gelb (power), Grün (pass), Rot ( Fail)
 Control Button  4 push Buttons (vor, zurück, OK, ESC
 Power supply
 adjustable voltage 100V-240V, 50/60Hz
 Security  CE, FCC, Rohs
 Dimensions  24,6*24,5*20,6 cm
 Weight  5,4 kg
 Accessories (optional)  IDE-SATA  Adapter

The ADR hard disk copiers are available in different versions:
The towers always have 1 master slot.
For the target slots there are models with 3, 7, 15 targets.
For every need there is the right model.

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