ADR HD-Eraser T400P


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ADR HD-Eraser T400P - compact extinguishing system

About the T400P ADR HD eraser:

The ADR HD eraser T400P is the new lightweight in the HD eraser series.
The system is very compact and can therefore be used anywhere.

The T400P hard disk eraser allows you to erase hard disks quickly and easily.
⊙ 5 different erase modes: Quick Erase,Full Erase,DoD Erase,
Secure Erase,7 Full Erase ⊙ With compact thermal printer to print reports immediately after erasing each hard drive. ⊙ Each report of a deleted hard disk can be exported directly to a USB stick. It is possible to trace the type of process, the duration of the process, the serial numbers of the process. ⊙ Each port has its own fastkey so that each port can work asynchronously. So all ports work independently from each other. ⊙

The system can also be used as a hard disk copier with Compare function.


How do you dispose of your hard disks? Is your process safe?

The T400P reduces the risk of losing your data. You delete your data in the house irrevocably.

Print your deletion report

The thermal printer automatically prints a deletion report for each deleted hard disk. So you can prove that the hard disks were deleted according to internal security standards.

Save log report to USB

You can save your reports on a USB stick and access the data later


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