Hurricane Standalone CD / DVD Autoloading Copier - 2 Writers

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ADR Hurricane CD/DVD Autoloading Copier
with a 375 Disc Bin and 2 CD/DVD-Burners (Standalone)

About the Device

For small to medium productions of CD/DVDs, we recommend our CD/DVD Autoloading Copier Hurricane with 2 CD/DVD combo burners. Built with patented German industrial robotics this device works very reliably.
Furthermore, the Hurricane CD/DVD Autoloading Copier is subsequently expandable with up to 10 burners and a 600 disc capacity magazine.
This way your investment is protected and you remain flexible for the future.


The Hurricane Burning Robot is very user-friendly and can be used by anyone after a quick 10 minute briefing.
The Standalone version has an LCD Display and is controlled with merely 2 buttons which makes working with it as simple as with a normal paper copier.

The standalone version only requires power to work. You don't need a PC for managing the system which makes it possible to achieve a high efficiency rate through minimal effort.

  • Works completely "standalone" thanks to the internal ADR-RISK processor
  • User friendly LCD-Display with 2 buttons
  • Upgradable with up to 10 drives
  • Internal 1 TB Harddisk
  • Can perform the following functions:
    • Copy CD/DVD-ROM to CD/DVD Image File.
    • Copy CD/DVD Image File to CD/DVD Burning Robots
      (supports CD/DVD Image Files which have been created on a CD/DVD Premastering application).
    • Batch Copy Mode

          Minimal Service Need - No Maintenance needed.

  • Professional Audio, Video and Data Duplication.
  • Verification through "low level compare" of the Master and CD-copy verifies correct copying
  • There are several printers which are integratable with this device. You can choose in between 3 different CD/DVD printing methods. InkJet, Thermal and Thermal Re-transfer. The printer has to be ordered seperately.
    ADR systems are designed to easily handle working 24 hours at once. The sturdy mechanics and high-class processing make the ADR CD/DVD burning roboter the most trustworthy industrial machines in the area of CD/DVD duplication and production world wide.
    Judge for yourself:

    Gladly we will mention you a reference customer near you or demonstrate one of our devices to you at your wish.

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ADR-CD/ DVD Duplicators can be upgraded gradually into a ADR Tornado CD/DVD Copier with 10 reading drives and  a 600 capacity magazine.


 Technical Details


  • 10 Ultra-DMA SATA channels onboard for DVD-ROM reading device, SATA harddrive and SATA DVD burner with up to 16x writing speed.
  • 32 MB Buffer onboard for max. security.
  • Max. compatibility for all burners.
  • Stable and sturdy construction enables long life expectancy.
  • BIOS Upgrade purchasable.
  • Optional USB-connection available (for managing the harddisk)
  • 2 CD/DVD-combo burners (SATA, CD-R/DVD-R 40x/16x and DL).
  • Internal 1TB harddrive
  • 375 Disc Bin
  • Supports the following formats: DVD-5, DVD-Video, DVD-ROM, DVD-Audio, DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+R, DVD+RW, Dual Layer, CD-ROM mode 1,
    CD-ROM mode 2, CD-ROM/XA (mode 2 form 1 & form 2), CD-DA (Audio CD), MixedMode CD, Video CD, CD-I, Karaoke CD, Photo CD
    (single session & multisession), HFS, ISO 9660, CD-Bridge, CD-Extra, CD+G, ISRC, multisession, name-card CD, 21 min CD, 63 min CD,
    74min CD, 80min CD, CD-R und CD-RW
You will receive a 5-year warranty by the manufacturer on the robotics of the CD/DVD duplicator!

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