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About the ADR SD Producer NG  LOG 1 to 63
The new generation of ADR SD copiers convinces with its high copying speed and compatibility with various SD cards. The NG series offers you the possibility to quickly make high numbers of exact copies of a master. This is especially guaranteed by the "Copy & Compare" function, which compares the copies with the source data carrier after the copying process.

In addition, the SD Producer allows you to perform a comprehensive quality check of your media, which determines precise test results. Apart from the technical features, the Standalone NG series impresses with a user-friendly operation and a new compact design, which is not only space-saving but also simplifies the insertion of the media.
Due to the new "Quick Socket Technology" it is very easy to change the individual SD ports,
therefore the units are also suitable for very high throughputs. The quick exchange of the individual ports ensures smooth production.
All products of the NG series are delivered with the "PC-Link" function.
You can connect the device to the PC via USB and display the current status on your PC monitor.
You can follow the process on the monitor and read various information
( size of the master, size of the targets, write speed, process, etc.)
New Feature !!! - Log Report

The NG series from ADR AG can now be supplied with an optional upgrade.
We have responded to the feedback and wishes of our customers and have developed the Log Report.
This optional feature allows you to create individual reports of your copying processes. These "Log Reports" can be stored in your internal database or printed out and delivered to the recipient of the copied media.
The report contains various information.
It shows the copy station used with serial number and firmware as well as various information about the copy process and the medium used.
You can see on which day, at which time, with which copy mode was copied.
Furthermore, you can see how much data was copied to which media (serial number) and whether the copy process was successful.



Simply insert the SD card to be copied into the first port and the desired number of cards to be recorded into the free ports and select "copy ".

The ADR SD Producer NG works PC independent thanks to the internal multi-core processor - you only need a power source.

The status messages as well as the real-time information about the progress of the copy process can be read directly from the LCD display.

You can start a bit-by-bit check of the copy process to ensure that your data has been securely copied 1:1 to the SD card. 
  • Quick Data Copy - Copies only the data on the disk
  • Copy + Compare - Checks and compares the data with the master after the copy process
  • Quality check of the media to determine precise properties of the medium, e.g. capacity, read and write speed
  • High transfer rate - up to 1.5 GB/ min
  • Supports DOD Erase function
  • Standalone device works completely independently and requires only one power source
  • User-friendly operation through self-explanatory interface and a LCD display with 4 buttons
  • Interchangeable SD sockets
  • Compact design
  • Real-time information about current actions on the LCD display
  • Supports all current data formats, sizes and capacities of SD cards
  • Transfers data both synchronously and asynchronously
About SD-Karten and microSD-Karten
Of course, you can also purchase the appropriate SD cards or microSD cards of all well-known manufacturers from ADR AG.
However, the prices of flash memory cards can change daily and therefore an individual offer with daily prices is necessary.
Due to the extremely fluctuating purchase prices of the chips used and the current dollar exchange rate, prices may soon no longer be valid.
Gladly we provide you at any time in noncommittal offer.

Different versions with number X of slots are available:

ADR SD Producer NG 1 to 7
ADR SD Producer NG 1 to 15
ADR SD Producer NG 1 to 23
ADR SD Producer NG 1 to 31
ADR SD Producer NG 1 to 47
ADR SD Producer NG 1 to 55
ADR SD Producer NG 1 to 63
(Other models on request)



 Supported media: SD cards (alternative media with
adapter possible)
 Number of slots:
1 Master - 63 Slaves
 Data transmission: Up to 25 MB/s
 Copy Mode: Standalone - Synchron or Asynchron
 LED lights: Green/red at each slot
 Input: LCD Display with 4 buttons
 Power supply: 110V~ or 230V~, internal power supply
 Working temperatur: 0° C - 75°C


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