Afinia SR-100 Label Slitter


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Marketing Flexibility

Labels can be printed just-in-time for production, with no minimum order quantities, and slit to prepare for application. Easily make changes to label design or content and quickly print, straight from your desktop.


The Afinia Label SR100 Label Slitter-Rewinder works with the Afinia L801 and R635 Colour Label Printers to produce vivid, professional labels as wide as 8.86″ (225 mm) or narrow as 0.86″ (21.9 mm). The Slitter-Rewinder is ideal for applications requiring small labels, such as lip balm, health and beauty products, eLiquid, and more.

Quick & Compatible

The SR100 can slit labels at up to 42.7 ft/min (13 m/min), and works with rolls up to 9.84” in diameter, with a 3” fixed internal diameter.

The SR100 longitudinally slits full-width, pre-cut label stock, enabling you to use your label printer’s full width and maximise its output. By combining in-house printing, slitting, and application, your business can benefit from product marketing flexibility, and increase your return on investment.


Maximum slitting speed:

42.7 (13m) feet/min

Minimum label slitting width:

0.86″ (22mm

Core diameter:

3″ (76mm)

Maximum outside diameter of label roll:

9.84″ (250mm)

Maximum label roll width:

8.66″ (220mm)

Overall dimensions:

16.73″ (425mm) W x 28.34″ (720mm) D x 14.56″ (370mm) H


55 lbs. (25kg)

Rated voltage:

100V – 240VAC, DC Output 24V at 2.5A

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