cd-blanks-taiyo-yuden-printable-inkjet-white-22mm-80min700mb 20

cd-blanks-taiyo-yuden-printable-inkjet-white-22mm-80min700mb 20

Taiyo Yuden

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CD-R Taiyo Yuden CD-Rohlinge InkJet, 
white printable - 100er Spindel.

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Taiyo Yuden CD-blanks 700 MB / 52x 
100 piece spindle CD-R white printable  - full Surface.

+++ printable CD-blanks - Taiyo Yuden +++

Taiyo Yuden CD-blanks 

High- quality CD- blanks for Inkjet- printers.
A-Grade printable white for ADR, Primera and Rimage InkJet- printer. 

CD-blanks, printable surface :

- High-Grade Professional CD-R 80min/700 MB.

- Specially made for longtime archival storage. 
- Surface : Inkjet, white/glossy. 
- Printing- range: 25 mm - 118 mm (Full Surface).

- Highlights:UV, water and smear resistant.

- 16 x accredited.


Taiyo Yuden, the leader in CD-R manufacturing. In today's high volume CD Recordable environments, users need the assurance that their choice of CD media will provide high performance, compatibility, and long term data integrity. Taiyo Yuden's long history of development and manufacturing, combined with their zero tolerance for sub standard product, makes their 52x compatible CDR media the best choice for your requirements. In fact, Taiyo Yuden invented CD Recordable media technology! For the best recording results in any CD Recordable environment, be sure to use superior CD-R media from Taiyo Yuden.

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