CD/DVD Forensic Pro


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Includes the following features: 

  • Supports all optical media: CDs, DVDs, HD DVD and Blu-Ray.
  • Integrated report generator with direct-to-print, HTML, text and CSV output formats.
  • Consolidated media error reporting - this puts a list of all errors that occur while copying files in a single window.
  • Support for E01-type image files (read only)
  • Support for ISO + CUE image files (read only)
  • Create files to represent data in areas not referenced by a file system
  • SHA1 hash values for files and the entire disc
  • Thumbnail format display for files
  • Hash database support for hash matching.

Professional software for intensive analysis and extraction of data from CD-R, CD-RW and all types of DVD media - including HD DVD and Blu-Ray..  Tailored for professionals in data recovery, forensics, and law enforcement.  Building on the data recovery technology in CD/DVD Diagnostic™, it adds detailed displays and enhanced media search abilities, improving performance and usability.  With the release of the 4.1 version, this is now the forensic tool you should be using.  For information about the changes in each version see the release information page.

CD/DVD Inspector reads all major CD and DVD filesystem formats including ISO-9660, Joliet, UDF, HSG, HFS and HFS+.  When the disc being examined contains more than a single filesystem, all filesystems found are displayed.  Multiple filesystems are present for hybrid Macintosh/PC discs as well as for discs that are produced by DirectCD and other packet-writing software.  DVD Video discs include both the UDF and ISO-9660 filesystem as well.

CD/DVD Inspector now includes a flexible report generator which can be tailored to your specific requirements.  Over 50 separate data items can be selected for reports with output in direct to print, HTML, text file or CSV.  With printed and HTML reports thumbnails can be included for pictures.  Reports can be sorted by any data item included in the report.

Now available - Robotic Loader Extension.  This is the tool to automate your handling of the massive quantities of CD and DVD evidence that is being collected.  Includes support for photographing and tracking discs!  InfinaDyne now supports ADR Disc Publishing Systems for automated collection of CD and DVD evidence.


Flexible Report Generator

Reports can be produced for print, HTML, text file or CSV output with over 50 different data items selectable.  An unlimited number of user-defined reports can be created.

Automated Media Collection

Put up to 300 discs at once in one of the supported Robotic Loader systems and it will automatically collect all content from every disc.  Flexible reporting for each disc processed.  Import the results directly into EnCase or FTK.  Optionally photograph each disc as it is processed.

Complete CD Imaging

Now CD/DVD Inspector can create an image file containing all of the information required to completely process any disc in a set of two files.  The first file contains the complete "raw" track data with all subchannels from a CD and all of the user sector data from all sessions on a DVD.  The second file is in XML format and contains all of the information that CD/DVD Inspector has extracted from the various control structures on the disc and the file systems.

Transfer data collected to EnCase, FTK, etc.

  • Captures all files, even those not part of the directory structure (deleted or damaged)
  • One-step image collection from otherwise inaccessible CD or DVD discs.
  • Use of 'hard links" minimizes size of the image file while retaining complete content of the disc.
  • Drag-and-drop a single file per disc

File scanning

“Inaccessible” discs files can be searched using scan specification syntax, including regular expressions.

Built-in Image Viewer

  • This tool identifies files containing graphic content (ART, BMP, GIF, JPEG, TIFF, etc.) independent of the file extension.
  • Supports RAW images from over 125 different digital cameras.

Low-level sector examination and scanning

Displays sectors in hexadecimal and character. It  also scans all sectors of a disc for particular data   For example, it  locates an email address on a disc regardless of what file the mail  may be in.  This searches the complete disc, not just areas identified as belonging to files.

Data pane

Allows direct examination of the contents of files on the disc from the main window.  The information can be displayed in either character or hexadecimal/character form.  The data pane can be resized and scrolled as needed.

Disc Memory and Checkpoint

This feature eliminates lengthy re-discovery of the disc’s contents.  Additionally, it allows for interruption of a disc examination and then resumption of that same examination at a later time.  This is useful as some disc examinations can be lengthy, often taking more than 12 hours.

Intensive Disc Examination

Locates data on discs that has been dropped from the file system, either because of software glitches, deletion or user action.  This is now done for all format discs.

Expanded Retry Capabilities

Permits users to select the level of automatic retries performed whenever a data error is encountered.  This can make otherwise unreadable data sectors readable again.  This allows the user to balance examination speed with thoroughness.

CD Text, ISRC and RID Audio Disc Display.

  • CD Text contains album, track and artist names on Sony and home-produced music CDs.
  • ISRC is the acronym for International Standard Recording Code.  It is a code used to identify the recording studio and publisher of a music track. 
  • RID is the acronym for Recorder Identification.  It is written to music CDs recorded on standalone CD recorders used with audio systems. 

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