Crush Box MB-20III

Crush Box MB-20III


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CrushBox TNZ013 Specifications

Target Media

Magnetic Tape, VHS tape, LTO, DLT, CCT, QIC, CMT, AIT, DAT, BD, DVD, CD, 3.5/5.0 inch MO, 3.5 inch FD, IC card, USB memory

Destruction Method Automated Double Acting Hydraulic Pressure
Operation System Cut the radial direction of the cartridges
Destruction Cycle Time Approx. 10 Sec.
Operational Voltage: 100-110 VAC 50Hz or
220-240 VAC 60Hz (please specify)
Dimensions (WxHxD) 7.5x15.5x16.5 in. / 190x393x418 mm
Weight 61 lbs / 27.5 kg
Application of Pressure 2.0 Tons

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