DataGauss LG - HDD Eraser

DataGauss LG - HDD Eraser


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DataGauss LG - Hard Disk Data Eraser

The DataGauss LG has all the advantages of the best-selling DataGauss HDD and magnetic tape Degausser and additionally offers a unique log report solution. This allows users to easily document and verify the data sanitization of harddrives.

The DataGauss LG quickly and effectively deletes harddrives and magnetic back-up tapes using a 9000 Gauss strong magnetic field. The DataGauss LG ensures secure data sanitization through its self-calibration. If you're looking for a fast, reliable and permanent data sanitization solution with log reporting capability to document your erase processes, the DataGauss LG is the right device for you.

The DataGauss LG was developed for especially reliable and secure data sanitization of hard disk drives (HDDs) and magnetic back-up tapes using a strong magnetic field. This process is called Degaussing and uses a 9000 Gauss strong magnetic field to erase all data from a data medium quickly, quietly irrevocably.

The destroyed harddrives can then be carefreely given to a recycler without fearing loss of valuable company data.

The Log Report Software allows you to easily keep track of your degaussed harddrives by creating a database with error-free documentation about every degaussing process with detailed information about each sanitized HDD.
The system can, of course, also run without log reports or be connected to a PC via USB. (Log Reports are saved on a connected PC).
Hard disk drives, DLT, SDLT, 3480´s, LZO4 and other magnetic data carriers can all be demagnetized (degaussed) fast and quietly with this low-noise table-top unit.

A popular combo these days are Degaussers chained with HDT1 or Erasers from ADR AG.

Modell DataGauss LG mit Log Report
Application Manueller Degausser mit PC Connection und Log Software
Magn. field strength 9000 Gauss
OS Windows 7, 8, Vista, XP SP3 or higher (only 32bit)
Power source 208-220v 60Hz
Weight 24 Kilogramm
Operation On- /Off-Switch and Delete-button
Throughput Up to 70 HDDs or cartridges per hourReco
Recommend by "National Institute of Standards & Technology“, „Department Of Defense“,
„GCHQ“ (British Intelligence)
Connector Bi Universell Serial Bus. USB 2.0 Full Speed
Magnetic Harddrives of all formats: 1,8“, 2,5“, 3,5“, & 5,25“ PC
DLT Tapes: Super DLT I, II & III, DLT IV-VSL
S-DLT, LTO1, LTO2, LTO3, LTO4,LTO5, 9840, 9940
other media:
0,5“ Computer Tape, floppy disks (single and in packaging, DC600,2000,TK50
Disc, Ultrium, HD Cam, SD-3Tape&cartridges,Mammoth 1&2, 8mm,AIT

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