Primera Disc Publisher 4200 ™ CD / DVD Autoprinter


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DP-4200 Series Disc Publishers and Printers

Primera Disc Publishers of the DP-4200 series automate the process of burning and printing recordable CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray Discs. The media are doing by the
built robotic arm reliably transported in the existing burner. Once the data has been burned, the media is placed in the printer drawer by the same robot and printed in full color on a high-speed printing unit. Fast production of large volumes of CDs, DVDs or Blu-ray media is possible without manual intervention.

Features of the new DP-4200 series:

  • USB 3.0 port that provides the fastest possible burning speed for CD-R, DVD-R and BD-R media
  • Perfect multi-color printing and low unit costs with the three-color high-performance ink cartridge
  • New High Resolution 4800dpi HQ-mode ink cartridge for perfect photo printing
  • Maintenance-free printing system with integrated ink cartridge - ensures consistent print quality over the entire life of the device
  • Minimal cartridge downtime - printing can be resumed within seconds

print and burn your own disc  

The DP-4200 Disc Publishers are ideal for a variety of applications, including government and military, churches, schools and universities. Disc Publishers are used in PACS / DICOM systems in hospitals and law enforcement agencies, as well as in recording and video production studios, television broadcasters, archives, and many other facilities.

DP-4200 series models:

  • DP-4200 autoprinter (only for printing applications, no burner)
  • DP-4052 Disc Publisher (1 CD / DVD Burner)
  • DP-4052 Blu Disc Publisher (1 CD / DVD / BD Burner)
  • DP-4201 Disc Publisher (1 CD / DVD Burner)
  • DP-4201 Blu Disc Publisher (1 CD / DVD / BD Burner)
  • DP-4202 Disc Publisher (2 CD / DVD Writers)
  • DP-4202 Blu Disc Publisher (2 CD / DVD / BD Burner)

All models are Windows 7/10 + and Mac OS X 10.7 (or higher) compatible. Blu-ray model variants are available.

drucken und brennen von CDs oder DVDs

DP-4200 Series Disc Publisher Specifications

Disk Capacity: DP-4052: 50
DP-4200-Serie: 100
Number of drives: DP-4200 Autoprinter - no drive - only for printing
DP-4052 Disc Publisher: 1
DP-4201 Disc Publisher: 1
DP-4202 Disc Publisher: 2
Burner: Latest CD-R / DVD-R burner drives; BD-R drives are optional
Burning formats: CD: CD-R, CD-RW, CD-Audio (CD-DA), Video-CD, MP3 to CD-Audio, Industry standard CD formats
DVD: DVD±R, DVD±RW, DVD±DL, BD-R/BDR-DL (only for Blu-ray devices)
Printing method: Funai inkjet technology
Print resolution: Up to 4800 dpi
Ink cartridge: 3-color cartridge CMY
Colors: up to 16.7 million
Color correction: Z-Color™ color profil
Robotics: high-speed belt drive
Ink Level Display: Calculates the number of prints still possible based on ink consumption for the current print layout (patent pending)
Indicators: External: Power
Internal: Blue LED illumination is steady during normal operation, pulsates at low ink or media level, or flashes in the event of an operational error
Operating systems: Windows®: 7/10+
Mac: OS X v10.7 or higher
Data interface: USB 3.0 for CD/DVD or BD-R Burner
Minimum PC system requirements: Intel Pentium IV® processor or better, 1GB RAM or better, 10GB of free hard disk space, 1 USB 2.0. For optimal speed USB 3.0.
Minimum Mac system requirements: 1 GHz Intel processor or better with at least. Mac OS X v10.7, 1 GB RAM, 1 USB 2.0 port, ≥ 10 GB of free hard disk space. For optimal speed USB 3.0
Power supply: 220-240 VAC oder 100-120 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 5 A
Approvals: UL, UL-C, CE, FCC Class A, RoHS, WEEE
Weight: 11,8 kg (26 lbs.)
Dimensions: 452 mm B x 279 mm H x 445mm T (17.8"W x 11"H x 17.5"D)
Included: PTPublisher software for PC and Mac.
3-color cartridge and 10 WaterShield ™ pattern disc (CD).
Kiosk kit for front-output up to 100 media. (DP-4200 series only)

Kiosk Kit für die Front-Ausgabe bis zu 100 Medien. (nur DP-4200 Serie)
Options: Blu-ray Disc burning drives
Business Card Adapter Kit suitable for:
- 80 mm mini-CDs and DVDs
- 59 mm x 85 mm business card CDs
- 63 mm x 80 mm "Hockey Ring" CDs
Hot-swap program

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