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About the DOM Duplicator für Speicherkarten


The DOM (Disc on Module) Card Duplicator was designed for use in the industrial computer manufacturer environment. Through its leading technology, all ports operate independantly, meaning copy speed is not affected by the number of Cards being written on simultaneously. On top of the DOM Duplicator's impeccable copy capabilities, you may also find use for its impressive array of quality checking functions to quickly and reliably determine the quality, capacity and copy speed as of your DOM media as well as format your DOMs.  All these features along with its outstanding performance and reliability make the DOM Duplicator a fine time and cost saving choice for your DOM replication needs.

High-Speed Bulk Copy
Each port has its own indedependent corressponding channel with up to 1.9GB/m bandwidth. Regardless of whether 1 or 100 DOMs are being copied, the speed stays the same. Additionally, the DOM Duplicator has "Quick Data Copy“ function which analyses DOM media and only copies the data portion to save time.


Copy and Compare

This is the most accurate copy function as it compares copied data to the original. We recommend this feature for flawless reproduction runs.

Quality Check Tools 

The included quality, capacity and speed checking tools are extremely helpful to reliably determine the quality of your DOM media:

  • H3/H5 Quality Check

      - Determines the overall quality of DOM media by reading and writing on every single bit.

  • Capacity Test

       - Shows the real capacity of your DOM card.

  • Speed Test

       -  This function measures read and write speed of your DOMs.

Asynchronous Copy

After copying data onto the integrated buffer memory, each port can independently and continuously create copies.



- Since each port has its own channel, the DOM Duplicator always operates at full speed regardless of the number of DOM cards being copied.

- Various testing functions such as "Measure Speed"  or "Capacity Check" make it easy to determine the true quality of your DOM media.

-  The "Smart Format“ function quickly deletes all data and/or viruses from your DOM card and resets it to its original FAT16/32 format state in mere seconds.

- Since the DOM duplicator is a standalone device, virus infections are impossible.

-  Very high copy speed and no bandwidth splitting even when multiple cards are being copied simultaneously.

-  Asynchronous Copy allows continuous copying onto different target ports.






Standalone device

Compatible Media

USB, SD, SDHC, micro SD, MMC, miniSD


2x20 LCD Display / LED (green, red) on each port


4 buttons (back, forward, OK, Esc)




working: 5°C ~ 45°C / storage: -20°C / 85°C


working: 20% ~ 80% / storage: 5% ~ 95%

Power Supply

80 W

Dimensions (L*W*H) cm





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