DVD-R RITEK 4,7 GB, 16x, full surface white up to 22 mm inner circle


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white printable - 100er Cake - PRO Quality


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RITEK DVD-R 4,7GB / 16x 
100 pcs DVD-R white printable - full surface - PRO

+++ printable DVD-R  +++

InkJet Printable DVD-R from RITEK, one of the biggest taiwanese manufactures of optical media.
Best cost-effectiveness. Low failure rate for a low price.

InkJet printable RITEK DVD-R :
- High-Grade Professional DVD-R 4,7GB
- In 100 disc cake box
- Fast-drying
- Inkjet, white printable
- Print area: 22 mm - 118 mm (Full Surface)
- ADR / CANON / EPSON / Primera / Rimage certified
- 16 x certified
RITEK is the ideal media for everyone who is looking for a low cost data carrier without missing on quality.
As one of the biggest media manufacturer RITEK offers a top quality for a fair price.
The same quality for the same conditions is hard to find.
Certified for all CD/DVD printers such as ADR, Canon, Primera, Rimage, Epson an more.

Delivery: 10 x RITEK DVD-R white printable in a 100 disc cakebox 

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