ELECTRIC / Automatic Tape Dispensers  ?TDA150-NM

ELECTRIC / Automatic Tape Dispensers ?TDA150-NM

START International

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ELECTRIC / Automatic Tape Dispensers


The START International TDA150-NM Electric Heavy-Duty Tape Dispenser for protective films and foil tapes automatically dispenses & cuts most types of protective film and foil tapes up to 5.9" (150mm) wide. Originally introduced by START International, the TDA150-NM is an ideal industrial strength dispenser for high volume production lines and operations requiring repetitive taping of very wide tapes. 4 Modes of Operation: Manual Feed & Cut, Manual Feed/Auto Cut, Auto Feed & Cut, Interval Feed & Cut. Quickly and easily program a desired length digitally and the TDA150-NM will precisely dispense and cut with accuracy of +/- 1mm. The TDA150-NM comes with a 3" (76mm) core. Optional foot switch (TDA080PFS) is available.


  • Ideal for high production of repetitive taping for industrial applications
  • Ideal for protective film and foil tapes
  • Program a defined length and automatically advance and cut tape
  • Accepts tape widths from .25" (6mm) to 5.9" (150mm)
  • Cut lengths from 1.6" (40mm) to 394" (9999mm)
  • Heavy-duty metal construction
  • All metal gears and advancement rollers
  • 4 Modes of operation. (manual feed-manual cut, manual feed and cut, auto feed and cut, and interval feed and cut)
  • Guillotined cut for a straight edge piece of tape
  • Digital push switch display for easy length adjustments
  • Safety interlock
  • Accuracy +/- .04" (1mm) (dependent on type of tape)
  • 9" (251mm) maximum outside diameter roll
  • Comes with 3" (76mm) core

Tape dispensers hold and cut tape. They are used in manufacturing, assembly, and packaging. Tape guns are portable, handheld tape dispensers that are useful for small jobs. Tabletop dispensers allow an operator to tear off the tape and then bring it to the point of application. Manual tabletop dispensers allow an operator to pull and tear any amount of tape, or to dispense a fixed amount of tape by use of a hand lever. Electric dispensers may be actuated by the push of a button or by a sensor that detects when the previously cut length of tape has been removed. Most tape dispensers work with pressure-sensitive tapes, such as transparent office tape, packing tape, or strapping tape. Gummed tape dispensers, also known as water-activated tape dispensers, work with water-activated adhesive tape. These dispensers moisten each piece of tape as it is dispensed.

What's in the box?

  • TDA150-NM Electric Tape Dispenser
  • Product Manual
  • Silicone Oil
  • Power Cord

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