EPSON Discproducer PP-100N Network Version


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The new EPSON Discproducer PP -100N network version.
Production system for the fully automated burn and print CD / DVD media

Refurbished with 12 months warranty - new drives and new waste ink tank

only about 1200 printouts- Drive lifespan has over 90 % left

machine is like new

High- pressure technology and robotics , the quality of a production system for burning and printing CD / DVD media is largely determined by the precision and the interplay of printing technology , software and robotics. Epson , in cooperation with ADR are the only suppliers that develop both inkjet and precision robots for the industry itself and market them worldwide .

Two core technologies have been combined to create a unique , professional product , the EPSON Discproducer CD / DVD copier. The here offered EPSON Discproducer PP -100N has a built PC and can be easily integrated into your corporate network . In this way, all authorized users can access this professional CD / DVD production system.

Of course the unit also shines with the known advantages of the Discproducer series . In particular, the individual ink cartridges so the system is a distinctive difference from the competition . Compared to previous systems, the inks are actually here to 100 % depleted. Thus , this system achieved the lowest cost per disc for devices in its class. Combined with the patented Water Shield media you do with it from your CDs and DVDs produced a real eye-catcher and can the created media Ideal use for marketing purposes .

Epson Disc Producer Open

Effective workflow

The integrated logic of the PP-100N
saves the jobs of several users and it works from one to the nextYour employees save working hours and your network is considerably relieved, because the data must not be sent for each clone.

Multiple users simultaneously
Multiple operators can work parallel with the system

• The Epson Discproducer PP-100N
processed up to 5 orders
at the same time

• The system stores up to 80
Awarded on its internal hard drive.
The last can be recalled at any time
so it can be used as a template and
be produced again.
Protection and data security
Disable the burning drives
and local computer of the printer. With
the network Publisher you control the copy operations of your valuable data and media.
A door lock prevents interrupting the production while in operation and so it avoids eventual failures.


  • Reliability
  • Print quality
  • Cheapest printing costs
  • Comfort
  • Compact design
  • High Capacity
  • Single ink cardridges
  • Patented robotics
  • Integrated PC
  • Network capability

Epson Disc Producer

Trust ADR as your supplier

With 35 years experience in the IT market and almost 15 years experience in sales and production of CD / DVD duplication systems ADR is a leader in the field of CD / DVD production systems. Trust a team with more than 10 service technicians.
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