Extinguisher, delete data, model SV 5000

Extinguisher, delete data, model SV 5000

VS Security Systems

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Modell SV 5000

For the extensive deletion of metal tapes and cassettes with high density will the SV5000 in its performance will more than satisfy. By an electric eye automatically controlled, the coil, floppy disks or cassette tapes are placed on the conveyor belt where they are conveyed by the flush field 4000.

Up to 5000 disks or 500 VHS cassettes can be erased per hour. The SV5000 has been specially designed to ensure the superior performance criteria in safety and effectiveness.

The SV5000 has been approved by the UK Government and meets the special requirements of SEAP (Security Equipment Assessment Panel) for the secure destruction of information and data stored on magnetic media, and thus reaches TOP SECRET status.

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