Hard Disc Destroyer Crush Box

Hard Disc Destroyer Crush Box


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Features of the HDD Disk Destroyer Crush Box:

  • Destroys hard disks and prevents the data from being recovered
  • Easy to use - it destroys hard disks within 10 seconds
  • Thanks to the energy-conscious design, energy consumption in stand-by mode is just one watt
  • It assures aging resistance and thousands of passes with its high-performance destruct mechanism


  • Model: HDD Disk Destroyer Crush Box
  • Target Media: Notebooks, Desktops, Hard Disk Drives, Computer Cards, FD, MO, ZIP Files, Mobile Phones, PDA, CD / DVD / BD / HD-DVD
  • Pressure: 3 tons
Destroyer Method: Automated Hydraulic Pressure
Operating System: 4 Holes through the platters
Cycle time: approx. 10 seconds
Max # continuous use: 200 units
Max # uses per day: 500 units
Dimensions (WxHxL) 220x460x380mm
Weight: 37 kg
Pressure: 3 Tonnen
Power supply: AC 100 ~ 110V 50/60 Hz 

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