ADR HD-Producer IT HIGHSPEED harddisc copystation with 7 Targets

ADR HD-Producer IT HIGHSPEED harddisc copystation with 7 Targets


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New rack-mountable version now available!

HD-Producer IT Introduction:

Fast and problem-free duplication of SATA / IDE harddrives is no longer an issue.

ADR's HD-Producer Highspeed IT HDD duplicator does up to 3 exact copies of your master HDD simultaneously.


The HD Producer IT achieves data transfer rates of up to 300 MB per second. That's 18GB in just 1 minute!

To completely eradicate all data on any given harddrive, the HD Producer is also equipped with a DoD erase function. This method ensures that no data is restorable, adhering to the highest data sanitization standards.

Additionally, several different copy modes are available such as "Only Data", "All Partitions" and "Whole HD".

BIOS/Firmware upgrades are easily done via the USB-Port on the front side of the duplicator.


Simply insert your master harddisc into the first slot at the top, fill up as many other slots with target HDDs as you wish and press "Copy".

Thanks to the convenient HotSwap Caddies, HDDs are swapped in no time!

After a very short time, the freshly copied HDDs are ready to be removed.

ADR's HD-Producer IT Highspeed HDD copytower is an economical quick solution for duplicating a few harddrives.

To be able to copy IDE drives as well, an optional Adapter is necessary.


 Max. capacity

 3 TB


 300 MB/sec

 HDD Types

 3,5" SATA, 2,5" SATA, SATA SSD,  IDE (with optional adaptor)

Supported data formats

 All formats

 Copy Modes

 Quick copy

 All partitions

 Whole HDD

 Quick copy Format

 FAT16/FAT32, NTFS, Linux (ext2/ext3/ ext4


 2*20 Monochrome LCD Display

 LED Display

 Yellow (power), Green (pass), Red (Fail)

 Control Panel

 4 Push Buttons (Forward, Back, OK, ESC)

 Power Supply


 justierbare Spannung 100V-240V, 50/60Hz


 CE, FCC, Rohs


 24,6*24,5*20,6 cm


 5,4 kg


 IDE-SATA  Adapter

ADR HD Producer IT series is available in different variations:

The copytowers always have 1 Masterslot.

Moldes with 3, 7 or 15 targets are available.

There is a suitable model for every demand.

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