ADR HD-Producer Standalone HDD Duplicator with 11 targets

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ADR HD Producer with 11 targets

With the ADR HD Producer Standalone HDD Duplicator you are able to duplicate SATA Hard drives easily .

Simply create 11 identical copies of your master with the push of a button.

Plug your master into the first slot and your empty target into the second, simply press OK to confirm.


With the beneficial HotSwap caddies you are able to switch the hard drives very easily and quickly making this one of the most easy to use Standalone HDD Duplicators on the market. 

Through the high transfer rate (up to 66 MB/s) you can copy up to 5 GB in one minute.

3 different copy modes are available for selection: "Only Data", "All Partition" and "Whole HDD".

Additionally, there are also 3 different erase functions to suit your data sanitization needs including a US Department of Defense-compliant full erase function. Not even advanced data forensics are able to recover any data after that.

The BIOS is uncomplicated and easily updatable.


With the ADR HD-Producer you are able to create economical and fast copies of your master.

The ADR HD-Producers are available in following models:

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