LAB120 Labelling Machine for CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray Discs

LAB120 Labelling Machine for CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray Discs

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LAB120 Disc Labeller Introduction

The LAB120 Disc Labeller from JMV Robotique is a semi-automatic machine for labelling CD’s and DVDs, providing a printable surface prior to the printing and burning process. The Disc Labeller is compatible with various label materials including matte or glossy paper finishes and even transparent labels.

The Disc Labeller is simple and quick to use. place a disc on the open tray and press the button. The automatic drawer then moves into position and a label is placed onto the disc by a roll to ensure a smooth finish every time. Equipped with the optional FD120 feeder, the disc labelling proces becomes fully automated as the robotic arms move blank discs from the hopper onto the LAB120 and then to the output spindle where completed discs are stacked.

The cost and time savings are enormous. Up to 10 discs per minute can be labelled manually and up to 1600 discs per hour with the FD120 feeder installed, a fraction of the time taken to label discs by hand.


  • No printable surface needed on disc
  • Up to 10 discs per minute
  • Compatible with various label materials
  • Table-top unit
  • Fully transportable

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