LAB400 Automatic Labeller for Flash Memory Cards (SD, SDHC and SDHX Cards)

LAB400 Automatic Labeller for Flash Memory Cards (SD, SDHC and SDHX Cards)

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LAB400 Automatic Label Applicator for Secure Digital Memory Cards

The LAB400 labeller from JMV Robotique automatically applies self-adhesive labels onto Secure Digital Memory Cards (SD, SDHC & SDXC Cards) with great speed and accuracy. It is able to achieve a throughput of up to 6,500 memory cards per hour. 
Its operation is very simple. The memory cards are automatically fetched from the input tray and fed into the applicator, where the labels are applied with high accuracy. The LAB400 can be operated individually or integrated into a production line.

Input Tray

The input tray of the LAB400 automatically feeds memory cards onto the conveyor of the label applicator. It holds up to 300 memory cards and can be refilled during operation. The removable input tray can be filled up with SD Cards in advance and additional input trays can be purchased as accessories.

Optional Stacking Unit

The optional Stacking Unit neatly stores the labelled memory cards in an orderly sequence, eliminating the time-consuming manual sorting process which makes further processing (packing, etc.) much easier. Additional stacking units are also available.

Click on the following link to download the LAB400 Datasheet as PDF:
Datasheet Download

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