LAB510-EPS-C6500 Universal Label Applicator with printer


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Automatic Labeler with an integrated inkjet printer for print&apply applications.







LAB510-EPS-C6500 Universal Label Applicator


The Universal LAB510 automatically applies labels to a wide variety of products at up to 4200 pieces per hour! The LAB510 can label any flat surface to maximum height of 2,4” (60mm) and width of 8.3” (315mm). You can load the Labels either fan fold or reel format. The LAB510 can be used either as a standalone unit or incorporated in a production conveyor line. 

Multiple units can be placed in line to form a complete tabbing, labeling and printing system or to apply several stickers onto the same products.

Applicable industries include food manufacturers or manufactures for mixtures like pudding powder, phone companies (sim card labeling), event ticketing industry (hologram stickers, signature cards for famous players to confirm genuity of memorabilia etc), gambling industry (scratch off lottery tickets), storage media (SD card, SSD or HDD labeling), spices and herbs (zip lock pouches and mylar bags) , seed industry (Monsanto labels seed pouches with it), roasted coffee pouches with valves, vaping / e-liquid industry, food industry (Tabasco US labels their cartons for export with local language), cosmetics industry (f.e. Yves Saint Laurent uses them for cartons) and many more.

Integrated inkjet printer

With ADRs new P&A printer line for printing and application in one process for volumes as small as one piece , the LAB510 opens up new markets and possibilities. 
While generally the product labels do not differ much , there is still some dynamic information that needs to be added for customer protection or quality control. Batch numbers, Serial numbers or expiry dates are just some example.

Also with a large variety of different products but the same basic company packaging many of our clients use a standard label design in full colour and then print the exact product in black thermal print onto the preprinted colour labels and apply the labels in the same process. 

As f.e. a coffee roasting company offers a wide range of different beans but generally keep their CI, they only add the product name , batch number and expiry date to in other aspects identical labels. This reduces their printing costs massively and safes them from keeping large stock of identical labels which they might need to throw away whenever any of the specs changes. 

Automatic Labeling

With the LAB510 professional labeler you can easily apply labels, barcodes, stickers, price tages on any flat packaging product with a thickness of up to 50mm, a width of 320mm and a length of up to 400mm. The universally applicable Labeller LAB510 can process paper as well as plastic labels directly from the reel. Alternatively you can also process sigils with a transparent or untransparent base. The labels can be taken from the folded carrier strap or from the reel.

Automatic feeding magazine (Option IH510)
The automated feeder is fully stacked to put your products onto the conveyor belt one by one. The input feeder can feed products as thin as paper (min 80 g/sqm) . 
The input feeder is generally part of the LAB510 unit but can also be purchased separately to feed products like papers, cards, boxes, pouches, bags, or any other flat product up to 6 cm height into other machines. 

Sealing of envelopes (Option FF500)
In addition to the automatic dispensing of cases and sleeves as outlined above, the optional FF500 also acts as an automatic flap folder, folding down the flaps of paper and Tyvek CD sleeves or any other type of envelopes as they pass from the hopper onto the LAB510’s conveyor belt. Even the most basic of sleeves can be folded and then secured with the addition of a label tab.

F.e. you can supply security seals onto pharmaceutical packaging like carton boxes to make sure the product arrives at the patient unopened. 

Sealing (Option TT500)
The TT500 tabber option allows the LAB510 to apply and fold sealing tabs/labels round the edge of CD jewel cases and open ends of cardboard sleeves. The tabs/labels can be paper or plastic, clear or solid.


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