Microboards USB Flash Copystation  1 - 11

Microboards USB Flash Copystation 1 - 11


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With the Microboards Flash USB Copystation 1 - 11 you can copy your data (software, pictures, music etc.) onto 11 USB flash drives at once.

Copy USB flash drives with the Microboards Copywriter copystations.

Copy even Flash Cards with this device
With the corresponding USB adapters you're able to copy all flash card formats such as SD-Card, MicroSD, XD-Card. Use either a master USB flash drive or a folder on your PC as copy source.

Operation of the Microboards USB Copystation

This device is really easy to use for anyone as it does not require a PC to run. Simply place the master flash drive in the first slot and the copy target flash drives in as many remaining slots as you wish to make copies. Hit "Copy" and you're set. The built-in bit-by-bit data comparison features ensures absolute data accuracy and integrity. Asynchronous copying allows users to add or remove flash drives during any given time.

The flash copystation can also be used to delete contents of flash drives or cards to ensure that you're working with clean and formatted flash devices.

Without much effort, Microboards Flash copystations allow you toreliably make several copies of your flash media in a very timely manner.

You're getting a full-fledged USB flash copystation for a premium price. 

Technical specifications of the Microboards USB Copier:
Connectivity: No PC required
Read/Write Speed
Read:        33 MB/s
Write:       31 MB/s
Other Functions deletes flash media
Supported Media All popular flash makers
Dimensions HxWxD  17,1 x 19,5 x 29,2 cm
Weight  4,5 kg
Certificates  FCC Class B, CE
Warranty 1 year


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