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About the ADR SD Producer MINI 

The SD producer MINI from ADR is the most economical way to copy SD cards or microSD cards.
So you can use the unit as a SD-Card or microSD card duplicator without any need of an adaptor.

It works standalone and this means there is no need of any PC or additional software.
Plug in the power adaptor of the system turn in the unit and start the production.

The lightweight design and the userfriendly interface 
of the SD- & microSD card duplicator 
guarantees easy operation for personal, office and shop applications.

It is designed to be the most compact microSD card duplicator model in the market.

Operation type

The standalone system works FPGA based. 
This system is designed to work standalone with its internal controller
with the LCD display and 4 buttons.

Our embedded controller supports SD card capacities of up to 2TB.
We constantly improve our firmware so we can support all latest SD cards in the market.

A copy speed of up to 2GB/min on each port can reached. The actual speed is limited to the writing speed of the SD card.
But the system itself will not have any speed degradation no matter how many cards you copy at the same time.

The Source port can never be erased. We assure that the masterport can not be erase as we keeo it as an Read-Only source port.


Supported media:  SD cards, microSD cards 
Transfer speed:  up to 33MB/s
Supported capacity:  up to 2TB
Copy mode:  Quick Copy or Whole Media Copy
Operation mode:  Standalone, FPGA based operation
Spannungsversorgung:  12V 5A external power adaptor
Working temperature:  5°C - 50°C
Certificates:  FCC, CE, UL, ROHS

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