PBH 500 Pressure Belt HL-2

PBH 500 Pressure Belt HL-2


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For individual and special hand gluing jobs

The ROPI PBH 500 pressure belt has been specially designed for manual folding and gluing work in small to medium runs.

The ROPI PBH 500 pressure belts make the work of finishing various printed products to the finished product much easier.

Products for which no machines are available or cannot be used for cost reasons can be manufactured with the ROPI PBH 500 as a complete workstation, with the necessary precision and efficiency.
By means of a crank mechanism with precision guide, the throughput height can be infinitely adjusted from 0 to 140 mm, whereby the upper and lower belts are always firmly interlocked and run absolutely synchronously.

To adjust the setting times of various adhesives and materials, the running speed of the pressure belt is infinitely variable.

The integrated automatic start/stop system with optical recognition allows the setting time to be extended again.

If required, the equipment can be automated by feeders, glue applicators and folding units.
For manual folding and gluing jobs, pressure height adjustable with variable speed control.
Equipped with a ROPI HL-2 hand gluing unit with two glue sticks.

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