Point Archiver software for Disc Publisher models

Point Archiver software for Disc Publisher models


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Point Archiver for CD / DVD burning robot

The archival files are defined in the PoINT Archiver configurable filters and rules. The source directories can be located on any , accessible to the PoINT Archiver system on the network .
In a filing to pass, all the archived files are collected and secured with archival and replication equipment. PoINT Archiver supports a variety of different technologies ( disk, tape , optical storage ) and the device classes (individual drives , autoloaders , production systems, jukeboxes , and appliances ) that can be combined according to the needs and requirements.
The PoINT Tiered Archive File System ( TAFS ) also allows the additional protection against unauthorized changes to the files in the source directory (including WORM ) , if you find this on a Windows machine . Thus the existing system becomes a link in a multi-step archiving concept .

Supported systems:

Disc Publisher II
Disc Publisher Pro
Disc Publisher XR / XRP
Rimage 2000i

PoINT Archiver Highlights

Backs up files from hard disk systems through automated filter- and rule-based archiving on an alternative secondary storage in the long term
Shorter backup and restore times by file - swap
Green IT - Energy savings through effective combination of different technologies ( disk, tape , optical media ) and better utilization of central archive Hardware
Easy integration into existing processes and applications (DMS , e-mail archives, etc. ) thanks to the transparent file - swap
Inclusion of existing hard drives and directory structures in a multi-level archiving concept with PoINT TAFS
Network-wide relief Primary hard disk systems by PoINT TAFS clients
Existing hardware can be thanks to a broad spectrum of supported devices mostly used in the archive solution further

Description of function :

PoINT Software & Systems GmbH (hall B2 , booth 450) the current version 3.1 of PoINT Archiver at SYSTEMS . The software allows a network-wide , automated file archiving. What is new is the use of NetApp appliances and tape-based products from StorageTek as an archive medium. About TAFS ( Tiered Archive File System) agents all servers can be integrated within the network in the archiving process .

Furthermore PoINT shows the version 6.0 of PoINT Jukebox Manager , a solution for data storage on optical media (CD / DVD , MO / UDO , PDD , BD ) . In regular , defined intervals or manually initiated test routines , the software controls the reading quality of the media and data. Companies the assurance that their files will remain readable even for years.

The presentation of the Disc Publishing Software PoINT Publisher NG will complete the program of the software company for this year SYSTEMS . Which is based on the flexible . NET technology software enables the professional production of printed CD / DVD / BDs and allows control of the media production to clients.

The central automated archiving of files on server boundaries is established through the new PoINT Archiver version with just a few mouse clicks. By means of configurable filters and rules (policies ) is defined , what data archived , moved, or even deleted . PoINT Archiver supports virtually all popular mass storage ( disk, tape , optical storage ) and can archive files simultaneously on different systems. This heterogeneous approach , companies can react quickly to changes in the technology landscape.

With the new TAFS clients archived files can also be replaced on Windows servers on the network by a link to the archive. This saves space on the expensive primary hard disk , which therefore need to be extended rare and shortened at the same time also backup and restore times the so relieved systems. Unlike the simple move a file from one location to another , no adjustments to the processes or applications need to be made . Access to the original path in the file system remains unchanged.

Large archival storage , such as optical jukeboxes , but also the newly supported Appliance NetApp or the band systems of SUN StorageTek , thus can be used throughout the company , which has a positive especially when using optical media or removable media on the energy balance (kWh / GB ) effect . The access to archived files to a CD / DVD / BD production system can be done in the new PoINT Archiver version even without administrator intervention , since the system presents itself as a coherent archive random access media dar.

The next generation of CD / DVD / BD publishing solutions - including load balancing

PoINT Publisher NG combines the robust and powerful core of previous PoINT Publisher generations with the flexible . NET technology . Server components control the connected CD / DVD / BD production systems. An intuitive graphical user interface of the client application are generated and transmitted to the server with just a few mouse clicks copies of media , new Daten-CD/DVD/BDs , Audio CDs and print jobs. The status of the production and devices can also monitor network-wide .

To as many media to create fully automated in a short time , can PoINT Publisher NG automatically distribute the jobs on up to four production systems on request. In a system are, eg, all of the media or the ink is used up, all new orders will be diverted to other systems , to the media or the ink is refilled.

The media production can also be controlled without client application via the file system , if necessary. For this purpose, the required files are copied to a defined directory on the server. The user then defines events that trigger the production and write the files to media that can be printed afterwards. This so-called Event Controlled Recording (ECR ) designed for network- wide use of CD / DVD / BD production systems, even in heterogeneous environments.

In addition to the ECR is also possible to use the batch interface of PoINT Publisher NG to integrate media production into existing processes . With a script language easily understood by the content of the media , the print file and other job attributes are defined as a project and submitted to the server . Thus, applications can be such as "Patient CD ", " direct marketing " or implement " just-in- time production ."

Media test for long-term availability of archived data with PoINT Jukebox Manager 6.0

Loss of critical data can mean for a company to shut down. This is also true for archived data that must be maintained over a long period of time. In this context, factors such as energy consumption , migration frequency and the resulting costs over the lifetime of the data are of a great importance . These requirements correspond still exactly the strengths of optical media (CD / DVD , MO / UDO , BD ) . The energy efficiency of optical archiving solutions has already been confirmed by appropriate studies and TUV certificates. To make the decision to migrate based on facts and thus to optimize the frequency accordingly , the PoINT Jukebox Manager in the market so far missing functions.

With it, companies can archive their data safe on CD , DVD, Magneto Optical Disc ( MO) , Ultra Density Optical (UDO ) and Blu -ray Disc ( BD) . Thus, they are changed physically and manipulation is impossible . The new reading quality testing ensures that the optical media and files are checked in definable intervals or on manual for their readability . The administrator receives following a notification and can thus create time copies if necessary. In addition to the classical security methods such as mirroring of media or clustering of the servers , this increases the already very good long-term availability of data on optical disks .

20.10.2008 , Marco Vögele, PoINT Software & Systems GmbH

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