Presto Title Sheet Inserter (Refurbished)

Presto Title Sheet Inserter (Refurbished)

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Presto Title Sheet Inserter (Refurbished)


About the unit

The Presto Title Sheet Inserter is the core of modular Presto packaging system. Operated alone sets the Presto TS the DVD inlay sheet available in DVD box sets, DVD or Blu-Ray Cases Slimboxen and outputs them to the side. Optionally, in the Presto Case Feeder to load one or more discs.

Save time and money

With the ADR Presto populate Slimboxen DVD, Amaray boxes and Blu-Ray boxes 5 times faster than manually. They create a experienced user a throughput of approximately 30 pieces per minute.


Fig automatic input combined with Title Sheet Inserter and disc / booklet Inserter band


Modular design

For the fully automatic operation of the Presto TS can - Title Sheet Insterter be equipped with the following modules :

Presto Case Feeder

With the Presto Case Feeder packaging system can be upgraded automatically. The input shaft almost depending on package size about 200 boxes. The Case Feeder opens each box and inserts it for further processing in the Presto Title Sheet Inserter .

Presto disc Placer

The discs wernden with standard industry spindles in the Presto disc Placer loaded. About a assembly line where the boxes are transported according to the number of the disc Placer the media be loaded from the Title Sheet Inserter . The Presto disc Placer support in addition to the DVD boxes and Blu- Ray boxes and jewel cases and DigiPaks .

Presto Booklet / Coupon Inserter

The booklet inserter may appeal either booklets or coupons in the packages . Depending on the number of the booklet inserter I can make several booklets / coupons in a box .

Presto Case Closer

As a final module of the Presto Case Closer closes the boxes automatically . Optionally, here's a box - stackers are fitted around the closed boxes to stack the same. In addition to Blu -Ray, DS and standard DVD Amaray boxes, the Presto Case Closer support drawing and CD jewel cases , super jewel cases , Paperboard digipacks , and slimline cases



The unit is available immediately. You will receive the full one-year warranty!


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