Poly Pearly Gloss Labels 4" x 3" (10,16 x 7,62 cm) 850 labels per roll 3"Kern


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Labels on roll for Primera LX-Serie (z.B. LX800),
Poly Pearly Gloss surface, 850 pcs.

Dimensions: 4" x 3" (10,16 x 7,62 cm)

Artikel-Nr: PRIL36PPG102076



TUFF COAT LX800/LX900/LX1000/LX2000er Labels Tuff Coat High Quality


Our tuff coat poly pearly gloss labels are perfectly designed for our label printers.
The labels stand out through the following qualities.
LX8er Labels: Tuff Coat High Quality 
Labels on roll for LX8er series: 
Poly pearly gloss label: high quality, water resistant, 
4 x 3" (10,16 x 7,62 cm) 850 labels per roll 3"core, PRIL36PPG102076

Always in stock!

Suitable for all industrial printer, optimized for inkjet printers such as LX8er Series.

Original Primera Labels.

TuffCoat Poly Pearly Gloss:
Smooth, white surface with permanent adhesive. 
Excellent adhesion on cardboards, metal and many plastic material. 
Highly abrasion and water resistant.

Content: 850 x Tuff Coat Poly Pearly Gloss Label on roll

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