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Speedstar 1 Cellophaner Introduction
The Speedstar series of manual cellophane wrapping machines allow users to neatly seal up to 300 product packages an hour at a fraction of the cost of similar solutions. Easily laminate product cartons, CD Jewel Cases, DVD / Blu-ray Disc Amaray type cases or any flat object to give your products a retail-ready finish sure to look impressive on any store shelf.

Watch the demo video below and judge for yourself! After a short introduction any employee can laminate up to 300 packages per hour with the Speedstar 1. 
Great return of investment with low service costs
The Speedstar 1 beats the prices of other solutions on the market by a large margin without sacrificing quality. Operating costs are additionally kept low by not requiring pre-cut cellophane sheets. The Speedstar 1 uses whole polypropylene rolls which are wrapped around the products, then cut and heat-sealed. This amounts to only 1 cent per cellophane wrapped product. 
Flexible format setting
All Speedstar 1 models can process all packages up to a film width of 215 mm. It only takes 2 minutes to switch to a different-sized cellophane roll allowing you to process multiple formats on the same machine. No mechanical adjustments required. For processing different formats, you can also order a cutting unit to fit the cellophane to your product specifications instead of switching cellophane rolls each time.
Please contact us for a sample of your products packaged with the Speedstar 1!
See for yourself:


Perfect quality seams just like in industrial production.
We'll gladly send you some samples with your own packaging.
Send us a few of your product boxes and we'll mail them back to you neatly wrapped in cellophane.
You'll realize that the Speedstar 1 cellophane wrapper easily competes with the quality of large industrial machines at a drastically lower price point.
Explore the video of the Speedstar 1 cellophaner:

Speedstar Zellophanierer with knife und Tear Tape Option :

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