SSD Destroyer Crush Box

SSD Destroyer Crush Box


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About the SSD destroyer:

Getting rid of SSD data is not easy. Once installed, not even any software specifically designed for data erasure will be able to completely erase them

The Crush Box permanently destroys the data without errors by perforating the inserted media with 40 hydraulically controlled 4 mm nails. Thus, the destruction can be viewed with your own eyes.

It can be chosen between 2 models - 40 or even 80 holes to go completely safe. Perfect performance is guaranteed by this hydraulic movement.

The SSD destroyer hardly makes any noise and guarantees a very long aging resistance. The safe design of the device prevents the start of the process before the flap is closed and an environmentally friendly removal of the destroyed media is given.

SSD destroyer crush box
Article number: DS050A
Operating System: One Touch Button System
Destruction method: Deformation by pressure
Pressure: 5 tons
Target media: SSD, CF SSD, CF - PC cards, BLD/CD/DVD/MO/FD
Dimensions (WxHxL): 220x400x380mm
Weight: 31 kg
Power key, power cable, cleaning brush, dust board, adapter for media
40 nails, operated with oil pressure, 15 seconds cycle time, 2 models (40 or 80 nails).

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