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About the ADR USB Producer 1 - 34

The new ADR USB Flash Duplicator series is the ideal solution for fast and reliable replication of your USB flash drives.
Based on the controller of the established Whirlwind CD Copytower series, this device was developed to be able to quickly make several copies of any USB flash drive on the market.

SD and MicroSD cards are also supported via the corresponding adapter MicroSD/SD adapter.


Simply insert the Master USB Flash Drive into the first port, place target flash drives in as many free slots as you wish and press "Copy".

ADR USB Producers are standalone USB Flash Duplicators which don't require a PC for operation. Merely a power source is required and you're good to go.
Status messages and copy progress is displayed on the LCD display.

In order to ensure absolute accuracy of the copied data you can make use of the bit-by-bit compare feature.

Features of the USB Producer Flash Duplicator

USB Flash Duplicator, works completely autonomously, merely requires a power source
Intuitive operation via 4 buttons on LCD screen
Real-time process information displayed on LCD screen
Supports all SD data formats, sizes and capacities
Synchronous and asynchronous copying
Up to 33MB/s data transfer
Real-time Copy and Compare for 100% data accuracy

Direkt Comparison vs PC:

PC VS. USB Producer Flash Copy Series

PC (8 port)
Combo ADR1-6USB
(1 to 6)
Combo ADR1-13USB
(1 to 13)
Combo ADR1-20USB
(1 to 20)
Combo ADR1-34USB(1 to 34)
Throughput in 10 minutes
Throughput in 1 hour
Source: 900MB
Target: USB flash drive with 12MB write speed
PC specs : CPU-intel Celeron D366 2.8GHz / Memory-521MB / OS-Windows XP / 
Socket-USB2.0 Hub


Different models with X amount of slots are available:

ADR USB Producer 1-6
ADR USB Producer 1-7
ADR USB Producer 1-11
ADR USB Producer 1-13
ADR USB Producer 1-20
ADR USB Producer 1-27
ADR USB Producer 1-34
ADR USB Producer 1-41
ADR USB Producer 1-48
ADR USB Producer 1-55
ADR USB Producer 1-69
ADR USB Producer 1-118
(Other models upon request)


 Supported Media: USB flash drives (alternative media possible via adapter)
 Transfer speed: up to 33MB/s
 Buffer: 256MB
 Copy Mode: Synchron oder Asynchron
 LCD Display: 2 x 16 Zeichen, Hintergrundbeleuchtung
 Power Supply: 110V~ or 230V~, internes Netzteil
 Working Temperature: 5°C - 50°C
 Certificates: FCC, CE, UL, ROHS


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