V92 Digi Tapemaster High Energy Compact Degausser.

V92 Digi Tapemaster High Energy Compact Degausser.

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The V92 Digi Tapemaster is probably the most compact, high-energy eraser available for users who require ahighly efficient, non-continuous, low volume Degausser. Capable of erasing all high-energy magnetic media, oxide or metal based. The V92 Digi Tapemaster is suitable for almost all applications for magnetic media users.

The V92 Digi Tapemaster is a compact, low noise, manually operated unit, which sits neatly on the tabletop. No compromise has been made when it comes to performance. With erasure levels below – 75dB for high-energy metal tapes and below – 90dB on standard oxide tapes, complete erasure is assured every time. Erasure time is also extremely quick, taking as little as 10 seconds to erase each cassette.

The V92 Digi Tapemaster provides a truly universal, desktop, magnetic media degaussing facility that meets the needs of a diverse range of user group using a wide range of audio, video and computer tapes, and cassettes. 

Degausser Features:

  • Bench Top Operation
  • High Energy
  • Erase hard drive
  • Easily Transportable
  • Handles almost all Magnetic Media Formats
  • Degauss in as little as 10 Seconds per Tape
  • Simple to Use


Media Erased

Broadcast & Video: DVD Pro, Hi 8.

Data: Diskettes, QIC-DC 600, 2000. TK50, 70, 85, DLT, 3480/3490E/3590E, 4mm/8mm/Exabyt/Travan


110-115 VAC, 60 Hz  / 220-240 VAC, 50 Hz


Height 6 x Depth 13.5 x Width 10.5 in. (154 x 340 x 270 mm)

Net Weight

34lbs (15.5 Kg)


180 cassettes/cartridges per hour typ

Degaussing Force

4000 gauss

Erasure Depth

-75dB on 1500 Oe; 90dB on 750 Oe

Duty Cycle

Non-continuous, as little as 10 seconds per cassette

Current Rating

9 amps Typ


Mains switch, degauss switch, security key switch


Degauss on light


26 months


Foot Switch (performs same function as the degauss switch)


Please note the following suggestions when using a Degausser:


Remove your wristwatch when using the Degausser. Direct exposure to the magnetic field may damage some watches.

Magnetic Strip Cards:

Do not place your wallet or purse containing credit or phone cards directly on or above the conveyor belt. Magnetic strip cards are very easy to erase. However, having a wallet in your back pants pocket while using the Degausser will not erase the cards.

Tape storage:

Store videotapes you do not intend to erase approximately four feet from the Degausser. This will eliminate the opportunity for the operator to accidentally run “good” tapes through the Degausser.

Placement of Tapes:

When erasing tapes, place them on the left edge of the belt (as you face the machine). In order they may travel the full length of the conveyor belt for quality erasure.


Do not operate the Degausser if you have a pacemaker.


An alternating current (AC) bulk eraser (Degausser) is used for complete erasure of data and other signals on magnetic media. Degaussing is a process where magnetic media is exposed to a powerful, alternating magnetic field. Degaussing removes any previously written data, leaving the media in a magnetically randomized (blank) state.

The Degausser must subject the media to an alternating magnetic field of sufficient intensity to saturate the media. Then the Degausser by slowly withdrawing or reducing the field leaves the magnetic media in a magnetically neutral state.

To erase recorded data, it is necessary for the strength of the degaussing field to be greater in value than the coercivity of the magnetic media. Simply stated, coercivity is the magnetic field strength, rated in oersteds (Oe), required to change the magnetic orientation of the magnetic material. Check with knowledgeable dealers or Degausser manufacturers to identify Degausser models that meet your requirements. Examples of typical coercivities for computer magnetic tapes and disks are shown in table I.

Data is typically not lost until its level has been decreased 65% to 75% (or more) below its original saturation recording signal level, dependent upon the drive system.

A complete erasure level, for most users, is considered to be 60 dB below the original signal level – this of course depends on user requirements. A 60 dB signal decrease equates to reducing the signal to one tenth of one percent of its original value.

Magnetic media products that have factory pre-recorded magnetic servo patterns should not be degaussed. Degaussing would erase the factory written magnetic servo signals and leave the media unusable. For all other magnetic media (without magnetic servo signals), after proper degaussing, the quality of subsequent data recording should be unchanged or even improved.

It is very important to understand and follow the Degaussers operating instructions. This is especially important for manual units where the operator controls the media’s movement through the degaussing field. For higher coercivity media, four passes are often recommended – two passes, with a 90 degree rotation for the second pass, and then repeat the process with the media turned upside-down. Of course, these and other important operating considerations will vary with the type, power and construction of the individual Degausser models.





9-Track Reel-To-Reel Computer Tape

300 Oe


TK50, TK70

350 Oe


3480, 3490 OE

520 Oe


SLR1, SLR2, TR-1, DC2120, DC6150

550 Oe


SLR3, SLR4, SLR5, TR-3, DC9100

900 Oe


SLR24, SLR32, TR-4, ADR30, ADR50

900 Oe

Do Not Degauss, 
See Note 1

TR-5, SLR40, SLR50, SLR60, SLR100

1650 Oe

Do Not Degauss, 
See Note 1

DLT tape III, DLT tape IIIXT

1540 Oe


DLT tape IV

1850 Oe



1900 Oe


D8: 8mm 112m, 8mm 160m

1600 Oe


DDS1: 4mm 60m, 4mm 90m

1590 Oe


DDS2 4mm 120m

1750 Oe


DDS3 4mm 125m

2250 Oe


DDS4 4mm 150m

2350 Oe


DD-2 19mm

1550 Oe


DD-2QD (Quad Density) 19mm

1850 Oe



1579 Oe



2300 Oe


Redwood SD-3

1515 Oe


Magstar MP: 3570-B, 3570-C, 3570-C/XL

1625 Oe

Do Not Degauss, 
See Note 1

Magstar: 3590, 3590-E

1600 Oe

Do Not Degauss, 
See Note 1

STK-9840, STK-T9940

1625 Oe

Do Not Degauss, 
See Note 1


1850 Oe

Do Not Degauss, 
See Note 1

Mammoth 8mm, AIT-1 8mm, VXA-1 8mm

1320 Oe


AIT-2 8mm

1380 Oe


M2 Mammoth2 8mm

1350 Oe




3.5” 720KB DD Microdisk

650 Oe


3.5” 1.44MB HD Microdisk

720 Oe


5 ¼ 360 KB DD Minidisk

300 Oe


5 ¼ 1.2Mb HD Minidisk

650 Oe


Zip 100 MB Disk

1550 Oe

Do Not Degauss, 
See Note 1

Zip 250 MB Disk

2250 Oe

Do Not Degauss, 
See Note 1

SuperDisk 120MB

1500 Oe


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