Light Duty Tape Dispensers  ZCM0800WT

Light Duty Tape Dispensers ZCM0800WT

START International

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Light Duty Tape Dispensers

The START International ZCM0800-WT electric tape dispenser with AC power adapter automatically cuts and advances predefined lengths of thin film tape for low to medium production of repetitive taping in industrial applications. The dispenser accepts tape rolls in widths from 0.25 to 1" (6 to 25 mm) with an outside roll diameter up to 5.3"/135 mm, and comes with 1"/25mm and 3"/76 mm roll core holders. A switch allows the operator to select from 3 preset cut lengths: 1.18"/30 mm, 1.77"/45 mm, or 3.54"/90 mm. The operator cuts the tape by pulling the tape up and over a serrated blade, which automatically advances the next length of tape. The ZCM0800-WT tape dispenser operates on three D-cell batteries or 115 VDC at 50/60 Hz.


  • Automatically advances tape
  • 3 fixed lengths: 1.18" (30mm), 1.77" (45mm), 3.54" (90mm)
  • Dispense tape from .25" (7mm) to 1" (25.4mm) in width
  • Comes with 1" (25mm) and 3" (76mm) cores
  • Tape is cut by raising and pulling across a serrated blade, which activates a swtich to advance the next piece of tape
  • Optionally takes three "D" batteries (not included) for operation without the included AC adapter
  • Manufactured of Japanese components

What's in the box?

  • zcM0800WT Electric Tape Dispenser
  • Product Manual
  • AC Power Adapter

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